So, this is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever done with Photoshop.  In 2011, Jay Z and Kanye West went on a world tour for their joint album entitled,  “Watch The Throne”.  The second the tour dates were announced, I scoured the internet like a mad man, and all I could find were over priced “less than awesome” tickets.  After several unsuccessful days of stalking StubHub for “more than awesome” tickets, I noticed that there were a pair of front row floor seats that were priced very high and not selling.  On the night of the event they were still listed and I watched them remain on the site until all the listings were taken off at 6:00pm.  I figured they were probably being sold by a ticket broker out of state so no one would be in those seats.

I happened to have a PDF file for some tickets to another concert that I attended earlier in the year.  I thought to myself, “Peeje, You might be able to sit in those seats you saw on StubHub if you recreat the tickets in Photoshop”.  I went to Craigslist and eBay to see if anyone posted a photo of seats they were trying to sell so I can get all of the information on the ticket.  I finally found one and got to work.  The tickets I made were perfect.  They looked exactly like all the other tickets to the concert, and it was pretty much impossible to tell that they were fake.

After I had the tickets made with the front row seat locations I called up my buddy Tyler and told him that  I’d be at his apartment in 30 minutes.  He asked, “Why?”, and I told him,”We’re sitting front row at Watch The Throne tonight”.

When we get to the Sprint Center we bought the cheapest tickets on the street from a scalper for $20 each, because the barcodes on my tickets wouldn’t scan.  We needed actual tickets to just get into the building.  After we actually get inside the arena with the cheap real tickets, we threw them away and I pulled the Photoshopped ones out of my pocket.  When we went to go to our seats we realized that the ushers check your tickets before you can access the floor level.  We hand over our tickets and after about 10 seconds of inspection the usher says, “Thanks.  Follow me.”  We were escorted to the front row, the ushers wiped our seats down, and told us to enjoy the show.  Once seated, Tyler and I just looked at each other and mentally high-fived about 30 times.

It worked flawlessly.  The concert was incredible, and I took the worst pictures ever.  Ha.

Please don’t arrest me.

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