Last night I went to Suite 36  for T-PAIN’s Greatest Hits album release party.  That album, which is obviously complete fire, is now available on iTunes.  Anyways, I got a chance to meet him through my awesome friend Sam at RCA Records.  It was so cool meeting him, because he was the first person to really shout me out on social media.

When he saw me he had this look on his face like, “Oh my god, this guy”.  Ha, he was super cool and actually seemed pretty excited to meet me.  He told me how much of a fan he and his wife were of my pictures.  He texted her a photo of us on the spot to see her reaction.  He said, “I’m with PEEJET!  He’s 8ft tall!!”.  Haha.

It was just a cool moment to have someone you’re a huge fan of give you props like that.  After our brief chat we exchanged info to possibly do work together in the future.

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